“Pay It Forward” Offer for your nonprofits to benefit, too

“Pay It Forward” is a modern moniker for a concept as ancient as the act of good deeds themselves. In antiquity, in the land of old Israel, a young man tells a story of a traveler lying in a ditch after having been beaten, robbed and left to die by the wayside. The “do-gooders” of the day passed him by and ignored his plight; however, he is eventually rescued by a citizen despised by these same “do-gooders”, who takes the hapless victim to a shelter and pays for his care in advance, putting into action “Pay it Forward”.

In Luke 10:28-37 we are told that real love requires more than an emotional feeling; it also includes putting words into practice . . .  taking action; successfully living out that love means to “practice what we preach.” The love of, the shelter of, anything living always has a cost. The need of the shelter is usually resultant of abuse of some kind.

Words many have heard since birth such as “do unto others as you’d have done unto you”, “be the change you want to see in the world”, and “love your neighbor as yourself” are all covered in this story. There are even laws today called, ” Good Samaritan Laws” that protect those who make an effort to do good to those in need.

Farm Dog Stuart proposes to be part of the humanitarian love by being a funding source for such ‘shelters’, whether these shelters provide care for animals or people, we want to help.

And that brings me to the “Pay it Forward” campaign using “Stuart Finds A Home” as the catalyst.

“Stuart Finds A Home” will available to every supporter of your non-profit that takes advantage of my offer. Their purchase gives your organization 33%, off the top during the launch period which began November 11, 2017, and ends January 5, 2018. Via a dedicated link, you will know how many books were purchased. I’ll send your organization a check at the end of this launch period. The book is retailing for $14.99 so I’ll forward $5.00 for every book purchased through your organization! If you have 1000 supporters who participate,  your nonprofit will receive $5,000.00 and supporters have a book to gift or keep direct from the fulfillment center! There is nothing for your organization to buy – just share the offer and let your supporters know you can use the funds.

I can’t do a lot, but I can do this little bit as I know non-profits run “on a shoestring” and are carried by the hearts of those they employee plus those who voluntarily support them.

Find out more on the book and read reviews coming in here farmdogstuart.com


There are many in need of shelter in our culture today, people as well as animals! By taking part in my “Pay it Forward” campaign, you allow me the honor to serve others in a tangible way. I thank you and look forward to sharing with your organization!


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