“Stuart Finds A Home” even through FIRE !

“Honoring the Struggle” means not giving in or giving up – even through fire on the way to delivery!

We were at the crucial “PROOF” stage and a copy of Stuart’s book was sent to GrandPawProductions(Grandpaw and me) as well as Dunn+Associates (my incredible design team) for final approval so printing could begin.

While we were enjoying the beautiful illustrations and celebrating seeing my dream actually in my hands, I got a short email, from my design team at Dunn-design that said,  “send your proof back as our copy was burned in Fed Ex truck fire.” Oh, they must be joking to lighten the tension here at the end of the long journey!

No, they were telling the TRUTH! As the picture below shows, there was a fire and the proofs were burned beyond help! I checked with Fed Ex to make sure the driver was ok and to get the “scoop”…I’ll fill you in as soon as I know the details.

None of us ever know what surprises (wrapped as “good” or “bad”) wait around the corner, but we get to choose how we respond to them. I decided to choose to see this as another layer in my adventures while bringing my first book to life; I mean a fire, really?

How about you? What thoughts do you think you’d have had?

2 Replies to ““Stuart Finds A Home” even through FIRE !”

    • Denise,
      I have been trying to find out myself. I think it was at a station, in between loads…FedEx, understandably is being vague…no harm done, they are covering my extra expenses for re-running another proof! All went well in the end! Plenty of other things to deal with without stressing over something I have no control over, right?!
      Thanks for your interest, please let me know what you think about the book!!

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