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Welcome to Adventures of Farm Dog Stuart

Written from a Discarded Dog’s perspective, children of all ages are shown the lessons learned by the every day stories of a real live drop off pup on the roadside in rural Wood County Texas.

Every Dog Matters

This title is the first edition in a series “Adventures of Farm Dog Stuart”:  Stuart Finds a Home. My granddaughter, Sydney said, “Grancy you need to tell them this is real life; and, Stuart is a real dog!” Yes, it is a serious book, but fun and informative, too!

Problem Solving: “Kids say the darnedest things” and often bring about the greatest changes, so our audience is children in the presentation is a color perfect picture book

. . . read to them by their parents and loved ones.

Farm Dog Stuart is a real dog, telling real stories, that children can relate to. As the story line progresses, Stuart asks the reader poignant fun, yet thoughtful questions.  

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The ‘moral’ of the story? Life is a reflection of the decisions we make. Young folks often don’t know how to give serious consideration to

the fact that “one day” they will be grown up. The “Adventures of Farm Dog Stuart” point out how every life matters and even a dog that was thrown out on the side of a dirt road can make a good life for himself, his family and community . . . by the choices, he makes along the way.
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Communication with young minds and fulfilling innocent curiosity: This children’s book is illustrated by my daughter, Mrs. Molly Nichols in a style that is enchanting

to children of all ages. Molly captures and translates the spirit of these mentally stimulating adventures in a colorful way that seems to jump right off the page . . . right into the heart and art of life.
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Paying it Forward: As we share Stuart’s story with folks just like you, we made a decision to give profits back to nonprofit organizations that fit our charitable

profile. Along with other worthy groups, your purchase will help dumped and displaced dogs. At the time of purchase, you will be helping a charity we know about and have established a working relationship with to receive a portion of the purchase price. Together, we are furthering their efforts in making our communities better place. If you have a specific nonprofit, we will evaluate our fit and if we think we can help, we will plug your group in during the launch phase to help raise money for that special project. 
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Please remember, Farm Dog Stuart says “Every Dog Matters”,


The Adventures of Farm Dog Stuart is a project of Foundation For Constructive Alternatives a 501 c-3 public non-profit corporation.

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